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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Life of Fred

   Recently, I've come across a mathematics series entitled, "Life of Fred." It could possibly be the most interesting math textbook I've ever come across. The series is written by Dr. Stanley Schmidt. It chronicles the life of Fred Gauss, a mathematical genius only about five years old who teaches at KITTENS University. He uses math to solve problems in his life and along the way the reader can learn, too!
   One attractive thing about the series is that it's entertaining, not one of those dry math text books that give an example and require you to do tons of problems identical to it or force you to memorize boring lines of text. No, this book actually puts you into the action—no more, "When will I ever use this information?" or "Math is boring." The funny storylines are entertaining, plus, there are also parts where the subject meanders for a bit and you can learn interesting irrelevant facts. It's actually a self-taught course, as you can teach yourself everything the books have to teach you—it's that clear! The books range in level from beginning fractions to college level linear algebra. It's also cheaper than some other text books (not saying that it's the cheapest book there is). has short samples of the first three books, or you could visit the website:

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