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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy 2011!

Of course, this is still 5 days late, but I couldn't resist posting. Happy 5 days after the New Year!
If anyone bothered to stay up to watch the stone ball fall in Times Square, I'll admit that the ball was pretty impressive. With about 32,000 LED lights shining and changing colors, one has to admit that the festivities were more than eye-catching, better than wondrous, almost unbelievable. (Fine, I'll admit I exaggerated about that last part.)
A strange things about 2011 is that it is a prime number and so stands on its own unlike some other numbers with so many factors. 2,011 is a loner, and the year must be one, too. This is a year that will stand on its own and be unlike any other. This is a year of changes, of differences, and of things we can never dream of. This is the lone year, one that will be remembered. The year that stands on its own.
It is also interesting to note that 2011 is the year before the infamous 2012. <da-da-da-dum!>

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