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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ants- Chapter 1

Here's my new short story: Ants
I'll be posting it one short chapter at a time.

  Thomas wasn’t ever much of a nature person. Constantly staying indoors had paled his skin until he looked more like a nocturnal than a diurnal. Even in the summer, when most kids ran outside to play in the sun, Thomas stayed inside his house, reading or playing video games. Naturally, one day his mother got so aggravated she forced him outside to play in his pool.
   Now Thomas was sitting under an umbrella slathered with sunscreen, with his feet in the water reading a book. He was so absorbed in his present task that he didn’t even  notice when black ants began crawling up his leg.
   By the time he finished reading, the ants were all around him, including in his shirt and pants. Thomas looked down to see what the tingling was all about and naturally was surprised to see the insects crawling about. In fact, he became so surprised that he fell into the pool.  Luckily, his book was only partially wet as it didn’t drop in with him, especially since it was borrowed from his public library.
   “Help! Someone save me!” he cried as he desperately tried to remove the ants from his body while at the same time trying to stay afloat.
   Barely a moment later, his mother came running down the steps of their porch. She was surprised to see that Thomas seemed to know how to swim.
   “Tom, maybe you should spend more time out here instead of staying cooped up all day.”
   “That’s hardly the point, Mom!” he sputtered. “There were,” He looked around. “They’re all gone!”
There was no trace that any ants had ever been on him or in the pool.
   Annetta was late. Maybe too late. Her Commander had called for her minutes ago, while she was still resting from having dragged some strange human food into storage. It couldn't have been her fault that she was assigned one of the largest crumbs to take care of.
   “Reporting for duty, Commander,” she said, running up to Commander Fleu, making sure to retain her composure. Her Commander was a strict ant, even with his unfortunate short-term memory lost.
   “You’re late. The rest of the soldiers have already gone out to attack the rivals. Unfortunately, they tricked us into crawling on to a human. Most unfortunate, the lost,” Commander said.
   Annetta became confused as to why he called for her. Suddenly, she realized.
   “Um...what can I do?” asked Annetta, already dreading the answer.
   “Eh? Why don’t you forage for a while, see if there’s any food for the soldiers.” he answered, barely noticing her as he turned to another ant scurrying up to him.
   Annetta grumbled to herself as she scuttered off.

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