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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ants- Chapter 2

Here I now present the second chapter in my story: Ants
The action has begun to build up.
Enjoy the story!

   Thomas was desperately trying to stay afloat in the shallower side of  his pool. A week after his infamous ant hallucination, his mother had been convinced that he badly needed “motivation” for working out. As if she ever bothered to stray from her day to day routine to even visit the gym!
   The least she had allowed him to do was spend 20 minutes a day in the pool. Unfortunately, their pool’s “shallow” side was consisting of five feet of water and Thomas was rather short for his age. Rather than risk drowning, he clung to the sides, making sure that his face was not dampened the slightest bit. Oh, if only Mother tried to swim in a day like this!
   Luckily, his mother was not watching him that day. If she was, there was no doubt she would disapprove of him wasting time soaking his body in the water. He looked around to see the easiest way to get out of the pool quickly when he noticed several dark spots on the surface of the pool. Taking a closer look, he realized they were ant carcasses, floating.Was it possible that he, in fact, hadn't been dreaming and there really had been something strange going on that day? He blinked, analyzing the situation, before thinking better of it and going back to trying to escape the pool.
   The colony was devastated. They had lost the most recent battle, with at least 50 dead and more injured, most of them in the Great Waters. Unfortunately, without wings, they all drowned.
   Annetta was still on forage duty, looking for bits of food to feed the soldiers with. She knew that this was an  important job, but it was so tedious!
   Sensing a rustling in the grass ahead of her, she peeked and was relieved to see that it was just the medical adviser, Left. He was a friendly and well-to-do ant, if not with a strange and slightly annoying sense of humor. Still, he was one of her better friends.
   She didn't know exactly why, but she hesitated, antennae waving in the slight breeze before scurrying up to him.
  “What are you doing outside the Hill?” she asked.
  “There was a soldier coming back from the Waters. Apparently, he broke two back legs climbing out, though how he could possibly get out after falling from such a height is a mystery. Perhaps the white witch saved him.” he joked.
   Annetta remembered that story. All the ant larvae were told the tale when they were in their infancy:

 Once there was a mischievous ant who frequently ventured outside of the Hill. She could have become a brave warrior, yet she chose instead to dedicate her life playing games and fooling around. One day, against her elders' warnings, she went to explore the Great Waters. Naturally, she strayed too far from the safe ground and fell in, with no one expecting to see her ever again. However, against all odds, the ant came back a few days later, albeit dragging her broken legs and an antenna, claiming to have been saved by some mysterious large white object, soft in nature, yet wicked in mind. 

   Annetta unknowingly shivered, before nodding back to reality.

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