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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ants- Chapter 3

Chapter 3 of Ants, coming up!
Enjoy the story!
(By the way, who's feeling scared for the ants right now? Post a comment if you are!)

   Thomas clung to the railing, stupefied. Suddenly, his mind was alert again. ‘Get a sifter to clean out the pool!’ he told himself. Forgetting about his mother, he ran out into the storage shed to get a sifter. 
   Once inside, he looked around. He'd seen his father do this so many times, yet he still didn't know exactly where his father kept the tools he used. He suddenly spotted a pole in a corner and picked it up, hoping it was the sifter he was searching for.
   It was. Unfortunately, a rat raced out once the pole was gone from the corner. 
   Thomas flinched at the sight of such a disgusting creature, yet he was able to retain his composure. Clumsily walking out of the shed, he wondered what to do with this large pole. Was he required to hold it as he would a mop or a hockey stick or possibly a billiard stick? He stared around helplessly until he made up his mind and just focused on getting the filth out of the pool and onto the floor.
   Half an hour later, limbs aching, he sat down on a lawn chair beside his pool. He finally remembered why he hardly ever bothered working. Realizing this, Thomas knew that his mother hadn’t even been watching him. He groaned and sank down his chair. All that work and he wasn’t even going to get the credit for it!
   Coincidentally, Thomas was feeling too sorry for himself to notice that the pile of ants he had sifted out of the pool were gaining consciousness.
   Annetta was feeling depressed. Since the last battle, at least 50 more ants had fallen into the Waters, most of them her good friends. Curse those enemy colonists!
   She waved her antennae around and found Commander Fleu in front of her. “Any news on the enemy, Commander?” she queried.
  Commander Fleu turned around. “Not yet. It’s a surprise those dim-witted spies that we sent aren’t dead yet. What kind of soldier can’t sneak around without being caught?”
  Annetta chuckled. Of course, that had been a joke. She noticed Commander Fleu tense up unexpectedly. Momentarily, she too sensed something strange.
  “What is that?” she asked, nervously, before gasping.
  “Crane, is that you? The soldiers all told me that you had drowned in the Waters long ago!” said the Commander, scampering up to touch antennae with the ant that had just appeared nearby.
  “Spread the news. The white witch is back,” said Crane before collapsing.
  ‘The white witch?’ thought Annetta. She couldn’t tell if this was good or bad news. The last time soldiers had mysteriously reappeared after drowning, they had connected it phenomenon to the old white witch legend. Soon after, however, the newly recovered ants and even innocents had disappeared, apparently for no reason whatsoever. Annetta shivered. She knew something bad was going to happened, but of what manner she couldn't tell. She didn't like that.

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