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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Don't worry, the next chapter to Ants will be out soon enough.
I'm still so busy- I can't even edit one chapter!

There's so many projects going on right now:
  • A journal of the botanists on the Lewis and Clark "Corps of Discovery"
  • A math poster depicting an optical illusion (which I failed at tracing) [see right]
  • A electrical science fair project involving fake mouse, real cheese, and a nerve testing maze
  • An interview for the yearbook club in which I was supposed to schedule with the principals in my school to ask them question about life, the universe, and everything else that matters
  • A meeting with my book club to plan another event at our school which probably won't work out too well in the end since it involves Scrabble and chess
  • A bunch of book reviews, poems, essays, books, HW to be done, which is a project in itself (try juggling all this yourself!)
I'm also afraid I might end up with a B in Literacy! *sob*(Yes, I believe in those Asian scores of B-for-bad C-for-caution and D-for-dead)

On the plus side, my dad recently got us a Panasonic Toughbook, one of those amazing touchscreen computers with moveable screens! (Yes, I know I am merely stating incredibly old news. Thanks Dad!!!)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ants-Chapter 5

Here's something new:
I found an actual ant hill on the tennis courts at the Jersey 34. The weird things is that those have been there since 2009 and no one's reported it to the managers, yet. Either that or the ants have kept coming back every year.

  "Don’t go near that mound of dirt!” cried  Thomas' mother. “Remember, your father just sprayed it with the ant killing acid!”
   “I know,” Thomas grumbled to himself. Honestly, wasn’t it he who found the ant hill in the first place? He had been the one to report the insects' home to his parents for easy extermination. It was just a shame that his father had rid the yard of ants before he could study any of them. Too bad his mother had a phobia of insects. Why had he reported his finding to his parents in the first place, he couldn't tell any longer. Most scientists that he admired usually did their research before showing the public. Maybe he should learn from them.
   Thomas sighed and walked off to look for some other form of entertainment, since he obviously wouldn’t be able to find the ants now.
   Out of the blue, he noticed a scrap of hotdog meat from a previous day's picnic on the ground and conjured a wicked smile.
   ‘What if I let them find me, instead,’ he thought.
   Annetta shivered as she followed the rest of the refugees on their search for a new home. Only a few days earlier, their hill had been destroyed by the giants and their Queen had died along with their soldiers in the poisonous gas emitted from the Fog.
   ‘She was so young, too young to die,’ she lamented as they went on their way.
   Even with the Queen dead, the colony was still alive and bursting to move on. It was just good luck that they still had potential Queens in the colony. Annetta envied those females sometimes, after all, they would have longer life spans and were able to reproduce and become Queen. She admitted that the thought of all that power was a bit tempting even though she knew that each ant in the colony was born for one reason only and that despite being seemingly useless, she served as a factor for the greater good of the colony.
   Left was scurrying around beside the group, helping all the ants that had broken legs and antennae. Annetta smiled, yet she still wondered about how the colony would continue to survive, what with all the vile fumes back at the Hill? She feared for all the ants lives, mostly the lives of the Queens, who were the ones chosen at birth to start new colonies of their own. 
   Still, she knew that their lives would still go on. A new Queen would eventually be chosen, and a new Hill would be found. New ants would be born and more food would be needed to feed them. More food searched for and brought back to their new colony by her.
   ‘It’s going to be a long day,’ she mused.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ants- Chapter 4

Sorry to keep you waiting, but recent...activity and other stuff has kept me busy.
There's so much work: planning for projects, completing side projects, completing the actual project, cleaning up after the project, then realizing that I'd done the wrong project. :(
As for the projects, I'll tell you it has something related to art. And painting. And cheese mush.
Anyway, here's the latest chapter:

   "Disgusting,” though Thomas as he tried to avoid tiring himself too much while stomping the life out of the tiresome ants. His shoes were getting dirty from constantly stepping on the black gunk (his mother decided to make him stay outside by locking the only door into their house.) Naturally, the only place worth walking about was in their backyard. The problem was the ants. Also, his father never disagreed with any of his mother's plans so there was no support there. He only wished that his parents might realize that he wasn't doing anything worthwhile while stranded outdoors in the wild. There were no assignments to complete outdoors, outside, out of the house!
   Recently, he'd decided to kill off the ants as his next project. He'd already done his research and learned that the ants, belonging to the genus Solenopsis, were known by their common name Fire Ants. It was a mostly common species, so there weren't any laws that kept him from killing them as he pleased. 
   Once he had figured out that they were reviving themselves right after being sifted out of the pool, they began to wander around. He nearly ate one a few days ago outside. Today, he tied some plastic bags to his shoes before walking outside, to ensure that the ants didn't disturb him in any way; however, he soon tired of the exertion of extermination.
   “Maybe if I find the ant hill they come from, I can exterminate them all,” he thought aloud, seconds before spotting a mound of dirt he hadn’t noticed before. Thomas walked towards it.
   “Luck is with us this time, at last,” Annetta thought to herself. The scavengers were now leaving pheromone trails to the edge of the Waters, instead of the food sources. It was amazing, this miracle. It was as if some mystical being had saved them from certain destruction by the enemy colonists. The newly revived ants had fought off the enemy colonists, much to the Queen’s delight.
File:Redant.JPG   She scuttled into the entrance to the tunnels and was about to enter when she felt a great vibration. Suddenly, a large narrow and earthy toned object, perhaps a stick, banged into the ground, smashing the entrance and all the ants there. It continued for a while, and Annetta had the sense to run away while she could.
   She could hear the underground tunnels collapsing as she scampered. She ran so fast she nearly banged antennae with Left, the medical adviser.
   “What’s happening?” she gasped and realized that Left was with an entirely large horde of ants, also running from danger.
   “A giant’s attacking, spread the word!” Left told her, and ran for his life.



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