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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Don't worry, the next chapter to Ants will be out soon enough.
I'm still so busy- I can't even edit one chapter!

There's so many projects going on right now:
  • A journal of the botanists on the Lewis and Clark "Corps of Discovery"
  • A math poster depicting an optical illusion (which I failed at tracing) [see right]
  • A electrical science fair project involving fake mouse, real cheese, and a nerve testing maze
  • An interview for the yearbook club in which I was supposed to schedule with the principals in my school to ask them question about life, the universe, and everything else that matters
  • A meeting with my book club to plan another event at our school which probably won't work out too well in the end since it involves Scrabble and chess
  • A bunch of book reviews, poems, essays, books, HW to be done, which is a project in itself (try juggling all this yourself!)
I'm also afraid I might end up with a B in Literacy! *sob*(Yes, I believe in those Asian scores of B-for-bad C-for-caution and D-for-dead)

On the plus side, my dad recently got us a Panasonic Toughbook, one of those amazing touchscreen computers with moveable screens! (Yes, I know I am merely stating incredibly old news. Thanks Dad!!!)

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