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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

School Yearbook Cover Winner...

I've been getting requests from some family members about the results of our annual school yearbook cover contest. This is probably a few weeks late, but between school projects and planning (surprise, surprise) I haven't had time lately. Sorry to keep you all waiting.
Anyhow, while I was in NYC for a party, I was thinking about this picture. Turns out I won! Yes, not to brag, but the news was received with much thought, contrary to what many people were probably thinking at the time...
The funniest part was that my aunt had ordered a special cake for my cousin's birthday party over the weekend. Since he is currently a Cars fan, naturally, the theme of the cake was Lighting McQueen. This was not your typical cake - it was one of those amazing sugary dough, special molded, super realistic, awesome fillings cake that you have to buy custom made! And the best part was that since my aunt already knew the artist responsible, it was bought for more than 50% off!
Unfortunately, the fillings were so awesome and sweet that practically none of us could bear to finish eating that last spoonful of cake. The car (made of Rice Krispies) was crunchy and perfectly edible too, though it was considerably smaller than the cake (not in taste, though!)
The entire time my little cousin was running around the living room, watching TV, doing the awesome things little kids always do. My baby cousin was crawling along the carpet or sitting up and banging away.

So overall, my weekends were fine, for those of you readers wondering. There's nothing better than relaxing after a stressful week, not that it was too stressful for me. Of course, there are projects and tests, but those are no biggie. Just look at those Asians with 60 hour work weeks and you'll see my point.

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