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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ants - Chapter 6

Satisfied, Thomas stood up to contemplate his work. Although his back now ached from bending so long and he was sweating - something that rarely happened to his skin, he could see that his time spent was well worth it.
   A trail of bread crumbs - ant bait - lay before his eyes, the path intricately spread and devised to be not too long, yet not so short that the ants wouldn’t follow it right away.
   The thought of the ants brought a sneer to his face. He’d outsmarted his parents when he decided to bait the ants back to their backyard. Since they lived beside a large forest, he was able to move about freely, without his parents even suspecting that he might be playing with “frivolous unsanitary pests.” He knew that the ants would bring him more than play. It would be his new area of study for the next few months, and once his study of the social structure was done and he won the middle school's annual Biology Science Fair, he’d show his parents. 
   That thought brought a real grin to his face, perhaps the first time in years he had smiled with his shoes covered in mud and dog slobber.
Days of searching had left all the refugees depressed. A new site had yet to be found, since the best hills here were already taken by other colonies - even worse, enemy colonies. It was only by sheer luck that they hadn’t been raided by any of the other soldiers yet. After all, what else would you expect after scurrying around in the open?
   Annetta barely had any time to rest her limbs before continuing on the journey - at least it had been that way for the past few days. She skittered to the side of the procession to rest. 
   'How much longer will it take?' she wondered as she noticed worn out ants slowly nodding as they lost more and more energy. 'We won't be able to survive much longer at this rate.'
   She was about to move back into the procession when she sensed something in the air.
   Her antennae waved around to catch the scent. Could it be?
   She sensed the air some more, to ensure that it wasn't some sort of foreign material. She tried to be careful, but her instincts told her otherwise. Lacking confidence in her own choice, she followed her senses to the source. When she arrived, there was a minute crumb, but it was enough to tell her that more was near.
 The crumb was small enough for her to carry on her own, so she hurriedly started to drag it towards the others.
   ‘Wait until the Colony sees this,’ she regarded, her thoughts set on a new course.



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