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Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally finished the elephant!

Everyone! Big news!
I've finally finished the elephant I'd been working on! If my calculations are correct, the person should pick it up in about three days...and I get 3 dollars... Woohoo!
The problem is that I couldn't find a good magazine for articles...but I did submit a poem to Cicada. I'm really hoping to receive feedback soon.

More thoughts:
  • I'm hoping to receive that anthology I won Top Ten in soon. Likely to be a scam, though.
  • Dad's started to teach me some basic C programming - at college level (he claims) I think the same, though. 
  • Working on a husky next. Wish me luck. Oh, the patterns, the fur, the agony *shudder*
  • Memorizing the Chinese dynasties for a summer project (I know - SUMMER PROJECT?) I'm still working at it...MWAHAHAHA
  •  Searching for some good summer art contests
  • Looking into Barnes and Noble summer reading

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