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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Yeah, I know this is kind of late, but hey, I don't have much time to blog in the summer. : P
I know, I'm not really giving myself too much time, am I? Well, that doesn't matter. A few weeks ago I finished this adorable platypus. The lighting's kind of bad, but I'm not really a photographer, so deal with it. XD
This is the first amigurumi I'm actually selling to someone, so I'm kind of proud. It would've cost $5, but I put a 100% discount on the poor thing so know it's really...$0! (I know, I'm so nice :)
An elephant is coming up, so I'll post the pics once I'm done.

Meanwhile, I will type about something funny/interesting. Actually, I'll let you choose what you want to think about it:
Our local library sponsors a summer reading program. There's the Read-to-Me for infants and toddlers, the kid's summer reading program - One World, Many Stories, the teen's reading program - You Are Here, and the adult programs - Novel Destinations. The funny thing is that the teen program is for 6th grade and up. I'm definitely 6th grade and up, but I wouldn't call myself a teen yet...whatever. : P
Last night I attended the tie dye workshop. Funny how I've never tie dyed before...and yet it came out beautiful! lol

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