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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pool Party!

I was just hosting a summer pool party, and it went probably as well as it could've ever gone! (Despite not being able to talk to everyone or having any of the people go inside for the craft or even eat too much. Plus my friends were all from school and neighbors and from clubs, so they didn't know each other.)
Otherwise, the time was spent playing sharks and minnow, marco-polo, volleyball, and snacking on cookies, ice cream, chips, and popcorn XD.

In fact, I actually set up quite a large origami table of stuff and games and did anyone come? Of course not! Not that it would matter, anyhow. Plus I'm still sad one of my friends wasn't able to come today. :(
She had summer retreat so... yeah.

Some things to consider:

1) It's better to cook too much than too little!

So true today. I think we must've cooked enough food for three times the number of guests who actually attended!

2) Don't worry if guests arrive late.

Guests should arrive after the time you set. I said, don't worry if they arrive later than you expected!
Some guests just like to give their hosts some extra time before they actually come (unless they're like my family. Our motto is "Early or earlier. There is no place for lateness.)

3) When having a party, plan lots of stuff, but don't expect any of them to be done.

At our party, the guests just stayed in the pool the entire time. We spent three hours out in the sun, chatting and swimming. Especially true if the party's for a bunch of girls who just like to talk all day. lol. Anyhow, kids just like to hang around and have fun. If you are expecting them to stay for a really long time, a day maybe, then more activities would be invited, but a short 12-3 PM party like ours would really only need a big pool. The kids provide the fun! :)

4) Make your guests feel welcome!

Very good advice for parties. My brother was the only boy, so the one other boy we invited, I'll call him W, was kind of shy around the girls. In fact, he was so shy he fled from the party completely! So much for being welcome.

5) Be green by sending out emails instead of invitations.

Not only does this cut down on the waste of trees, it also makes keeping track of attendees much easier! Gmail has an excellent feature known as "Invitation" which synced with Google calenders and Jorte on the Android so you can easily keep track of all your replies and acceptances.

6) Nag your guests.

It's always better to be safe than sorry, right? Nagging your guests to RSVP will make it easier to track down how many people will actually be coming to your party and it'll also make sure you don't (embarrassingly) leave out some kids.

7) Make unfamiliar guests feel like they belong.

Some kids will feel like they don't know anyone. Since it was your fault you invited them (jkjk ^.^), then it'salso your responsibility that they have fun. As said, make your guests feel welcome! Introduce the unfamiliar to other kids at your party if you find them standing in their lone. Try stirring up some conversations for your friends to help them along.

8) Don't eat too much if it's a pool party.

No one wants to see...weird the pool...

9) Always apply sunscreen when outside.

For safety reasons and the benefit of your own personal health, please refrain from getting a sun burn at your own party. If the host is upset, the guests will get upset.

And finally...

10) Have Fun!!! :-)

After all, it's never a party without fun, right?