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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back from Boston!

Finally back!
So now onto the trip:
Day One:
  • Drove all the way to Boston to see Faneuil Hall, one of the stops of the Freedom Trail, and Quincy Market, another well-known stop. (It took us about five minutes to find that there was no free parking spaces, then another two minutes to find a public parking area.)
  • Stopped for a while to hear this tour guide giving a speech, then got bored and followed the red trail around town for another twenty minutes. Siblings started getting hungry after the walk.
  • Then we walked all the way to the Boston Chinatown for lunch. *pant, pant* That's about...a mile away in my guess. (I didn't actually measure the distance, hehe)
  • Afterwards, we looked around and found these adorable tiny turtles for sale! Mom wanted to buy some, but then we reminded her that they would probably be nauseated to death in our car. :( So we didn't buy them. Then Dad found some cool little overpriced trinkets, but noticed how I bolded overpriced? Yeah, so we didn't get those either.
  • Finally, we drove to Cambridge. No, not in England, but in Massachusetts, otherwise known as the home of Harvard University! Strolled around the yard, rubbed John Harvard's show, met some students, walked through their bookstore, bought a T-shirt, then stopped to buy clam chowder before returning to the hotel. I'll admit I was kind of tired...
Day Two:

  • Ate pancakes and mini muffins for breakfast, then set off for our next destination - Lake Placid, NY. The drive was really long, and our ears kept popping from the incredibly high altitudes. Plus the roads were wet from all the rain, but at least we got some nice pictures of the mountains and surrounding landscape!
  • I'll just skip to once we arrived. There was a little camp going on next to the Olympic Ski Jumping Center, mostly 14-year-olds and such jumping off ramps with their skiis, doing some flips and twists in the air, then arching into the pool. No biggie.
  • We took a ski lift, then an elevator up to the highest building in Lake Placid, which happens to be pretty big for a desolate town in the middle of nowhere. Yet there was nothing but trees to look at from up there. *sigh* At least we got nice pictures!
  • I'll skip to an hour later - we visited the main street of town. Most of Mirror Lake, a lake in Lake Placid (as in the town, not...not a lake in the middle of was covered by private residences. Luckily, we managed to find a tiny little park with enough space for good pictures!
  • The last visit of the day was another lake - Lake George! (I'm kind of tired of typing lake, lake, lake for this paragraph. Er...I'll hold back the lakes) Here, we took an hour's boat ride around in the Minne-Ha-Ha, haha ^.^
  • Today was so tiring I literally fell into bed. After dinner, though, of course.
Yup, lots of fun. :)

Monday, August 1, 2011


I'll admit this picture is kind of sideways, but the husky shows pretty well despite all that (and the fact that I'm not a photographer).
Okay, so hi again everyone!'

This July I've been pretty much lying around, being lazy in all the senses. (That's actually pretty surprising for me.) Nothing much is happening...though I have been attending these random classes held at our library. I'm starting to wonder how they can possibly manage a group of kids kickboxing in a small room.
The juggling class was pretty decent, though it's kind of surprising when the juggler brought out his machetes. Not to be offensive (because you all know I'm not offensive), but I hadn't actually expected there to be real live MACHETES brought into a library. And a public library with kids in it! 'Course the juggler was pretty advanced with his tricks.
Our cousins just left to go back home. The sushi our wonderful aunt made while they were over was really yummy! ^.^ And the fruit platters, steak, lobster... I probably should note that I didn't actually try out the  lobster. I was already filled to the brim with the wonderful Japanese cuisine and Asian delicacies! The funniest part was trying to decide how to properly dip the sushi into the soy sauce without making a mess of rice. Okay, so should I hold it in my hands or with the chopsticks? And if I hold it with the utensils, how should I put it into the sauce? Rice and seaweed down? Or the fillings? Wait, no, that would just make a huge mess. I know, I'm just a goof. ^.^
Back to the amigurumi, though. I'm kind of tired of making these orders, but not because I'm bored. I'm literally tired. The days are getter hotter and school's about to burden us once again. Ugh. The yarn supply is luckily not diminishing this summer, but I'm suspecting I'll need more than one plastic cubby for this rainbow of fibers soon.
Anyway, I'm hoping to get some more finished before the end of August. There are so many expectant customers on the line! And a good business person knows you don't like to keep customers waiting. Of course, quality does come before waiting time in some cases...
All this work on trying to publish a short fiction novel is getting on my nerves. It's just too bad that I don't have that special software that organizes characters, individual backgrounds, plots, story lines and all that stuff for you. Seriously, there has to be something like that out there, right?

(Note: Just in case you didn't know, I've been working on improving this one story I started last November. Yeah, last November. That's kind of far behind and I can't honestly imagine how I'm ever going to finish all the rewrites and drafts before fall. At least I have the pool right outside to look forward to! But even that takes work to keep clean, so back to the slate.)

What are you looking forward to this summer?


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