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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ants - Chapter 7

Long time no see! I've been kind of busy and I haven't had much time for posting. Excuses, I know, but they're true all the same. I'll also admit I might have been procrastinating, between the planning, studying, and art-making. But anyway, here we go!
As we all know, Annetta and the Colony seemed to be having confused feelings about their current situation. Meanwhile, Thomas's anger towards his parents is starting to reach the boiling point - the point where dire actions must be taken (as in disobedience *gasp*). Two different scenarios, but could they possibly mix? Is it possible for two incredibly different worlds to meet? Might the ants find danger where they never knew before? 
Okay, fine, I'll just let you read ahead now. 

Thomas wondered when the ants would come. After all, it had been days and still only a few black specks were seen, not far from his house. 
It seemed as if the skies were calling him. He brought out a clean pair of gloves along with a pail and a trowel and set out to his backyard. His parents wouldn't mind - they didn't care what he was doing for the time being. Besides, it was the weekend and what did he care about getting into trouble during the weekends anyhow?
Thomas narrowed his eyes as he walked along the edge of his backyard, to where the forest was separated from their property by nothing more than a small length of fencing, rickety in its eroded nature and gray with age.
There was a small crack in the fence where he spotted a hole. Sticking his fingers into the hole–and making sure his gloves covered his palm–Thomas pulled slightly and the wood came apart. He smiled in grim satisfaction as he spotted a small sign of movement. 
Thomas looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was watching and crept up to the huddle of specks, his trowel poised at eye level. The ants were found.
Annetta was greatly credited for having been the one to find the new source of food for the colony. Luckily, they were sure that they would find a new Hill soon, or at least the new Queen believed so.
“It still feels so strange,” she commented to Left, “how our new queen is our mother’s daughter. The head of the colony is always the mother, and it always has been.”
Left merrily shrugged off her comment. “Things don’t always have to be that way. I’ve heard from Leaf and some other elder ants that there is always a colony before a colony.”
“That’s absurd,” Annetta thought when she felt the ground rumble. Suddenly, there was darkness overhead. Frantically, she felt the ground, trying to get her coordinates. Around her all the ants were scattering. She looked up and gasped at the sight above her.

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