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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year's

Hi guys! Haven't posted in a while, but I have my excuses.
Anyhow, like the majority of American public school systems, our local town's granted us a one-week "Winter Vacation" far from schoolwork and boring banter. Fortunately for the New Year's placement on a Sunday, Monday's off, too.
My family had never really thought about this New Year as much as we celebrate the Chinese New Year (something fishy...) but I thought it would be nice to share some traditions anyway.
First off, there's the resolutions. Surprise, surprise, nearly all of my family put two items on their list and almost everyone had "get more sleep". So that puts our situations into retrospect.
The awesome sushi dinner (I made the rolls)
Next, we have the late night dinner, short catnap, and the wake-up call about five minutes before the Big Apple falls on New York City. Why five minutes? Well, one year we did it five seconds before and I don't suppose that's enough time to turn on the TV and enjoy the music before the year's up.
Finally, there's the summary of the year. How did you enjoy yours? How much fun did you have? Is there anything you'd regret?
I didn't really regret too much (after all, at my age there's not much happening in the first place) and my year went by pretty smoothly, as I hope most of yours did, too.

So, Happy New Year 2012!

Enough of the festivities. As for an update on our holiday vacation, we mainly strolled around Indiana (suburbs of Indianapolis to be specific). Dad and Mom planned everything beforehand, since we had a barely six day stay at our relative's lovely home. The events were kind of mashed up, so don't expect too much accuracy (my head's too full of chocolate :P)

Day One-Saturday: Christmas Eve! Made cookies, wrapped up final presents
Day Two-Sunday: Christmas! Eat cookies, get fat, open presents, sit by the television, Wii...
Day Three-Monday: Ate cheesecake
Day Four-Tuesday: Played tennis to burn off some extra calories
Day Five-Wednesday: Sushi dinner, played some more, went out to browse for some green tea ice cream
Day Six-Thursday: Skiing on the Perfect North Slopes of Ohio hehe... fell a few too many times on the blue squares (got to get more practice sometime)



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