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Monday, February 13, 2012

10 Ways to Tell Your Teacher's Pranking You

What's hiding under that grin?
Even though the end of the school year's already approaching, I can't seem to forget how my teachers always pull the most ridiculous pranks on me. Naturally, since I'm so gullible, I actually fall for all their tricks. But here's I've managed to retrieve some clues to remind others so they won't have to fall into the same traps I do.

1) Check for her body language.
Even teachers can't always hide their internal thoughts. Eyelash flickering, constant arm movement, and a tapping foot are sure signs that something is amiss. If you know your instructor really well (as you should by the end of the year)
then you should be able to tell if something is secretly amusing or bugging. Otherwise, I feel really bad for you.

2) If it's too good to be true...
Teachers absolutely love tricking their students with surprise "assignments" like allowing you to work with partners for tests. Others might let you pick your best friend to help you in a game and then place you head-to-head. Whatever the case is, there is definitely going to be some kind of trick at the end, no matter how gushy the teachers act. (Then again some are just like that. If you have a teacher who's as nice as sunshine, let me know in the comments!)

3) On the other hand...
Some teachers give out impossible assignments near the end of the year just to be peevish. In fact, I was once given ten pages of diagramming sentences to do on the last day of school. (Being myself I actually completed the assignment before I realized the trick T.T) Check with some friends before giving into these lowly acts.

4) Inside Jokes
If there's some sort of inside joke traveling around school about the teacher, she might just find a reason to pull a prank. After all, who can't resist the "F-" on a test prank when it's pulled on the brainiac of the class?

5) They're not that mean
Some of the more humorous teachers will generously give away detentions to kids who do things as small as tying a shoe in the middle of the hallway. When you get one of these slips, make sure it's actually a real detention before breaking down into tears.

6) Follow the crowd
Every classroom has that outlier who's always wandering off on some sort of "quest." If you're that outlier, watch out, because when you walk into the classroom who knows what's going to be up the teacher's sleeve. Maybe it's suddenly Pig Latin Day, or everyone's names have been switched around. Whatever the case, don't follow the crowd if you know something's up. Then again, I don't really have any consolation for you if you have no idea what's going on.

7) Everyone's gone
Ever get that feeling you're being watched? Occasionally you may just stumble into your classroom only to find it empty. As long as your class hasn't actually abandoned you, you can be sure they're either in the closets or in a secret lair hidden under the staircase someplace. Who knows what's going on? Then again, this is the prime time to sneak some candy off the teacher's desk

8) But I'm innocent
Accusing someone of a crime they didn't commit is really mean. However, if it's for the entertainment of the class, no teacher will let that chance slip by. Whether it's the innocent broken airplane to the dismantled desk, you can be sure that the framing's not going to feel too good. The good news? She's eventually going to admit that you're innocent (but not before everyone gets a good laugh).

9) Secret history
Your teacher could have fought in World War II. She could have traveled to Antarctica as part of a top-secret SETI mission. She could have been dancing with lemurs in the Amazon jungle. Wait, but something just doesn't click...
You'll want to watch your back on these pranks, because the smarter the teacher, the more like the stories will sound true. But you still don't want to go ranting about your awesome teacher who's climbed Mt. Everest when she's barely even gotten off her chair in the last year.

10) The Obvious
Please make sure it's not April Fools Day. The worse stories I get of teacher pranks are when an English instructor calls in sick and suddenly jumps in from a window shouting, "I'm cured!" (That might have been a bit exaggerated.) For the most part, no one - and I mean no one - can resist

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