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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


As you probably saw immediately upon looking at this post, here is a cake.
Why is is special, you ask.
Because I made it :D

Anyway, I'd decided to take a short break from amigurumi frenzy-ing (too many orders are clogging up my yarn-filled blood stream) and yarn designing (as you can see, my clock is malfunctioning).
My mom had signed me up for this amazing cake decorating class at our public library, located in a cozy little room in the corner. 
Fortunately for me, I was no outcast when I arrived. 
Unfortunately, my brother was one of three boys who had showed up, but that's okay because his cake turned out better than anyone else's (except mine, of course.)

So, we started right away, with the buttercream spread onto the cake. I honestly had no idea what kind of cake we were making and as usual I was daydreaming during instructions plus my near-sighted eyes couldn't see anything the instructors were doing.
So I ended up with a beautifully iced butter cream cake when the fondant arrived.
Just imagine the horror. My beautifully iced masterpiece would be ruined by a fondant dress.
But that didn't bother me because my creative juices were already flowing. And I had already designed the perfect cake in my head:

A birthday cake. Because my sister needed one XD

The next hour flew by as I was instructed on techniques to roll out fondant, color fondant, and shape fondant. In fact, I performed so well that I was given a formal invitation to the royal culinary academy from which the cake decorating instructors were trained! (Ok, fine, I got a flyer...)

And in a matter of no time, I'd arrived with...voila! My masterpiece.

And now it's about time to get back to amigurumi. So much for procrastination.

See you all later!
My brother's awesome cake :D

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