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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fear and More Boring Stuff

Hi! I know I haven't been posting anything recently (Wow, one post a month? Really?) and I really have to catch up on my schoolwork, so I've decided to post a essay I recently wrote, just for fun.
(It would be really funny if my teacher found this and blamed me for plagiarism XD)

So...planning a trip to Taiwan sometime in the future so that should be fun, upcoming Jazz Band Festivals are going to be exciting, Chinese School Field Day in June, though I'm definite you want to hear about those things...

One last thing. Our middle school recently held a pep rally to "pep" up things around our community, because we're totally not peppy enough! So, we wasted spent an entire week furnishing the school for the event. This is the only remnant of the festivities:
My awesome hawk (designed for the Middle School Pep Rally...don't ask why)

Essay on Fear

“Courage is resistance to fear, master of fear - not absence of fear.”
                                    - Mark Twain (1835-1910)

           Indeed, courage is not truly devoid of fear. Though perceived by the population to be an utter void of cowardice, courage is really the strength to make the right choices and the correct decisions when the time is crucial.
Similar to the Cowardly Lion in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, many people simply believe that true courage is only possible in superheroes or mythical beings, not in regular people like themselves. They don’t understand that courage, as Mark Twain as stated, was a control or mastery of fear. One didn’t need to be invincible to exhibit courage. Like the Cowardly Lion, these people are simply doubting their own ability and showing an unnecessary amount of cowardice, for actions that they would be able to stand up to had they believed in themselves. It is only when will-power is achieved that anyone can do amazing things - such as the Cowardly Lion learned when he jumped across a perilous chasm on the yellow brick road.
It doesn’t take wizard to transform cowards into courageous people; it takes strength, resistance, and mastery. In order to conquer fear and display true courage, one must release all doubts and believe that they truly are able to do anything.

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