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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hidden - Please read

Hi Everyone!

If you hadn't already heard, I'd recently published a book called Hidden. It's about a two entirely separate creations that try and find a tangent. One of these world, that of the Beings, decides to send over a messenger that contains the soul of their creator. With such a mission in hand, they create a changeling who in turn grows up as a normal human would...or does she?

Here's the synopsis:
There had been a time before the humans, before life had existed. Since the start of time itself, Beings have inhabited the world, and with it, the deepest realms of thought. However, with the arrival of the humans, a deep connection had been wrought. Controlled by a fiery and bold Potentate, the Beings began to steer the creation of mankind. They Enlightened the ones they choose with potential. They created leaders, maniacs, civilizations. And the one Crawn, reincarnate of the Potentate, controls it all.
When Fanglae was born, she had been nothing. However, once she realizes that her world is occupied by the Beings, there is no longer any way for her to turn back to normal. With the help of her longtime friend, Jasperal, she discovers secrets about the Beings and herself that she would never have imagined. But with secrets comes dark consequences... Do you have the courage to unveil the Hidden?

The book is available in paperback for $6 or Kindle for just $3.99!
Additionally, it will be made available FOR FREE for all members of Amazon Prime!

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