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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Opening Your Pool

Here's a little something I'd written a while ago:

As I stepped outside, I could smell the fresh late-spring air. The birds were chirping, the grass rustling, the trees whistling. Best of all, the pool cover was about to be taken off.
It had taken months of preparing last summer to get the nerve to cover up the pool before the cold set in. Finally, it was time to start anew. With our handy-dandy pool-opening, stainless-steel-spring-removing gadgets in hand, old rags in the other, it was time for our mission to start.
Every groan of a spring coming loose, the boing of the safety cover letting go was only the prelude to what it would feel like once the cover was completely gone, to be stored away until the dreaded end of summer once again.
Until then, the opening of the pool, the time when you can feel the summer setting in, kids being let out of school, the season of freedom, change, happiness. That is joy.

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