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Monday, June 18, 2012

End of Year Surprise!

I hate deadlines.

Did you ever get that feeling of resentment when the school year almost ends, but it's dragging...slower...and slower until your brain is about to explode? (Or maybe that's just me because my brain was literally on the brink of exploding after I crashed headfirst onto our hardwood living room floor from failing to pick up my pencil...while doing a bridge...)

Colleges let out way back in May and I was only just invited to the CTY award ceremony. Now I've just learned that it's a year away, so my hopes haven't gone up at all.  I mean, now I've got to wait for all of my favorite book releases (The Mark of Athena, The Last Guardian, Shadows Alive, etc.), the Pikmin game for Xbox (don't ask), and the invitation (coming in August) for a ceremony that won't even be taking place until spring of 2013. If the world does end, that would mean that I'd never even get my hands on that hard-earned award. T.T Then again, it's already tomorrow in Australia, and they're still that would mean the world would technically never end today for us. It will always end tomorrow. But the question is - which tomorrow will it end on? I mean, psychologists can never get around the fact that they have no idea where this "end of world" mumbo jumbo came from, let alone find out its effects on the human psyche. Luckily, I have other things to occupy myself with, at least for the time being.

I've recently founded an after-school club at my school where we "learn about Life, the Universe, and Everything and hopefully eat pie." That's how it's introduced, but the real reason of the club's about as murky as its name: AA. I was hoping that things might clear up, but so far it's just a study group for things that matter - like Life, the Universe, and Everything. Meetings will probably be starting around September, so I'm really excited!

All stuff aside, I've finished a lot of my teachers' end-of-year gifts. The Student Council recently decided that they weren't going to throw their party after all, so all the favors are being collected for a random surprise party thrown for my awesome Honors English Teacher (who happens to not be allowed to bring in cookies, hence the "surprise" aspect.) I'm donating lemon cookies! Seriously, who doesn't love lemons?
As for my social studies teacher, she's been keeping this really neat collection of stuffed animals recently and I decided to use my talent to make her possibly the best stuffed animal in the history of stuffed animal-ness: The Little Squishy Green Bird from RIO!!!

Remember that guy who was squeezed twice by Nigel before telling him that he was "smart...and handsome?"

I've got him live and in flesh!

Grr... Feel my squishy wrath, scrawny humans

Okay...maybe not so much in flesh.

I've also taken about four hours of my time to sketch these beautiful birds (red-bellied woodpecker and Carolina Chickadee) for my science and math teachers, respectively. They've actually been pretty awesome this year, and even though they gave me pretty low marks considering all the work I put in (totally true) and all of my internal awesomeness that should've blinded them alive, but merely scorched the tips of their manes, I've decided that they needed something in reward. Aren't the birdies positively adorable-sauce?

I kind of felt bad about my art teacher and tech ed teacher, though. I mean, they were probably the heads of the classrooms I spent the most time in, especially during the month of March (when TSA, Science Olympiad, Art Show, and all of those competitions came rushing in. Now that I think about it, I am some sort of workaholic. Luckily, my nerd friends are too, so there's no difference there.) I was about to prepare something for them, but excuses never did work and I'll leave you hanging as to the exacts details of my epic procrastination.

I did, however, get nominated for the NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) at our school! The only problem is the application process, which involves a random assortment of paperwork, essays, recommendations, leadership brownie points, and community service hours. I am somewhat lacking in both my leadership and community service, so I'm probably not going to having too much fun this summer. Help me!

Did I also mention that one of my super amazing friends is already set for life? Not only is she a treasurer of a gifted-education society, but she's also a project manager for a recital, a stage director for a piano club, a volunteer gardener and tutor, a Builder's Club officer, a XC team captain (or at least team captain in training), and a church assistant. She's probably going to become a Westinghouse/Rhodes scholar and rule the universe one day. With kitties.

But I've also acquired some brownie points for myself recently. I'm really excited about this, because my CTYOnline course was actually finished in four weeks! It's a little longer than the kids who spend approximately 6 hours a day on their course, finishing a yearlong course in a measly 3 weeks, but I'm still pretty proud to be able to skip an entire grade (even if it's just in math)! Plus, if I decide to go to a specialized science academy, I'll have an extra excuse to take college courses in my senior year! Fun! (Come on now. Challenge my definition of fun, you Neanderthals :D)

Oh, and for an end-of-year special, here's a slightly modified approach to one of the "difficult" questions from my Honors Geometry course (despite the rumors of me becoming a patent attorney, I am still not quite an expert in the area of copyright law and for the meantime will abide by the liberties Creative Commons allows me.)

Is it possible to have four non coplanar points, three of which are collinear?

Answers in the comments!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Personality Quiz

There's an awesome site that I recently found with the help of the local high school's guidance counselor. (By the way, do not judge a little girl for talking to counselors in their high school.) The link is

It works really well, but I recommend not expecting much from the site. You answer 66 really quick questions (my test literally lasted 2 minutes max) and then they give you a four letter personality label, which you can apply to the search engine bar, which will direct you to some sites for people like you! I was an INTJ, which means that I'm a intuitive scientific type of person who also happens to like conclusions and intelligence. :)
Once you go to the sites, here's one that I particularly liked.

If you explore around a little bit, then you can actually find the right page for your personality. I clicked on mine and it came with career advice, relationship advice, and personal growth charts! It's like a horoscope, but geekier! Plus my personality (INTJ) has a bunch of people who are equally geeky, nerds who are proud of being nerd, and in fact are so proud that they began a whole bunch of forums to talk about geekiness!
Anyway, the best news is that if you find a career on your page that fits your liking, it's likely to be a good future for you! My own personal quota had to include law and science, which was perfect for my personality type. Good luck!

Summer, Camp, and Contests

Time for an update.
So school's almost out, even though our district's probably one of the slowest to let out their kids. Honestly, letting out last week of June and starting first week of September? Absolute torture. I'd love to hear of a day when our district simply removes summer vacation and creates a yearlong school year on the grounds that they'll give us more free time in between class and home. I'll never be able to go to summer camp again.

Speaking of summer camp, did I tell you that I was going to be the newest sailor in my hometown? (Nice try, but I'm not revealing any secrets...yet...until I win the Nobel Prize). That's right, step right up and join the crew of the S.S. Islander! I can't wait until July, when the day camp actually starts. Even though I've hardly been out on a lake lately, better late than never, right? Don't the girls below look excited?

I've also got other exciting summer plans. Smack dab in the middle of my crazy life (now, sadly, filled with absent gaps of A- in my grades despite by newest 100% on my Algebra I final), I will be doing Camp NaNoWriMo. Hopefully, this August will give me the inspiration I need to pursue my picture perfect career as an author gone lawyer!

Also, I sent off another application form for an art and writing competition that one of my literacy teachers recommended me. It's about peace and harmony (things that the world needs more of, especially after learning about all of those mass massacres in North Korea <shivers>) and how to relinquish human greed and glutton. I wrote a really nice poem (in my teacher's words, not so much in my own), but posting it online would be auto-plagiarism (again, in the words of my crazy science teacher who also likes to hand out candy canes during Christmas. We love you, Mrs. B!). I guess, I'll have to wait out on this one. Anyway, a few classmates of mine have been too lazy to enter, so that kind of slims down the applicant pool, hopefully allowing me to take a grab at one of those top three awards for middle school students in my state. I'm not really hoping for much, since self publication of my poem is also good enough for me if I don't win, but wish me luck!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


So...thanks to everyone who helped me with Hidden! Admittedly, the sales have been really slow lately and I'm hoping I actually get that check I was promised sometime soon (at least before they forget the publishers forget that they offered me a royalty on every book sold.)
Recently, I've begun working on a sequel, but I'm not too sure whether that's going to be published anytime soon. Honestly, the actual idea of the Beings is kind of hard to digest for far too many people who haven't already been introduced to the idea via Stephen King, Orson Scott Card, and other science fiction/fantasy authors.
Also, school's about to be coming to an end and I'm hoping to get some good pictures up before then! I'm still debating whether or not I should continue art (especially since my drawing haven't been up to quality lately) and my culinary skills are lacking...
However, here's a peanut cracker I made with my sister's help, so enjoy! The original recipe was a graham cracker with a dab of peanut butter and Nutella smeared on top, then jammed onto another graham cracker. However, for peanut lovers, this alternative seems like an equally delicious choice!
By the way, I've found out something really cool -- internationally ranked memory champions don't actually have eidetic memory after all! They just have great control over their hippocampus, a well-toned spacial memory banks, and loads of training. Theoretically, anyone can train to become one of the greatest memory champions in the world! My own skills haven't been as lacking in the memory/focus category (compared to my failed artwork and food) so this is a cool hobby. Imagine the surprise when your friends find out that you won poker not from sleight of hand, but from memorizing the cards in all of their hands!

Last, but not least:
I recently won Ole Miss University's math contest. The prize came with a T-Shirt (since I'm a privacy freak, here's a pic of the T-shirt itself, rather than yours truly modeling it out). I've fallen in love with geeky shirts, so I can't wait to wear this and shout out to the world!



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