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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Personality Quiz

There's an awesome site that I recently found with the help of the local high school's guidance counselor. (By the way, do not judge a little girl for talking to counselors in their high school.) The link is

It works really well, but I recommend not expecting much from the site. You answer 66 really quick questions (my test literally lasted 2 minutes max) and then they give you a four letter personality label, which you can apply to the search engine bar, which will direct you to some sites for people like you! I was an INTJ, which means that I'm a intuitive scientific type of person who also happens to like conclusions and intelligence. :)
Once you go to the sites, here's one that I particularly liked.

If you explore around a little bit, then you can actually find the right page for your personality. I clicked on mine and it came with career advice, relationship advice, and personal growth charts! It's like a horoscope, but geekier! Plus my personality (INTJ) has a bunch of people who are equally geeky, nerds who are proud of being nerd, and in fact are so proud that they began a whole bunch of forums to talk about geekiness!
Anyway, the best news is that if you find a career on your page that fits your liking, it's likely to be a good future for you! My own personal quota had to include law and science, which was perfect for my personality type. Good luck!

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