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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer, Camp, and Contests

Time for an update.
So school's almost out, even though our district's probably one of the slowest to let out their kids. Honestly, letting out last week of June and starting first week of September? Absolute torture. I'd love to hear of a day when our district simply removes summer vacation and creates a yearlong school year on the grounds that they'll give us more free time in between class and home. I'll never be able to go to summer camp again.

Speaking of summer camp, did I tell you that I was going to be the newest sailor in my hometown? (Nice try, but I'm not revealing any secrets...yet...until I win the Nobel Prize). That's right, step right up and join the crew of the S.S. Islander! I can't wait until July, when the day camp actually starts. Even though I've hardly been out on a lake lately, better late than never, right? Don't the girls below look excited?

I've also got other exciting summer plans. Smack dab in the middle of my crazy life (now, sadly, filled with absent gaps of A- in my grades despite by newest 100% on my Algebra I final), I will be doing Camp NaNoWriMo. Hopefully, this August will give me the inspiration I need to pursue my picture perfect career as an author gone lawyer!

Also, I sent off another application form for an art and writing competition that one of my literacy teachers recommended me. It's about peace and harmony (things that the world needs more of, especially after learning about all of those mass massacres in North Korea <shivers>) and how to relinquish human greed and glutton. I wrote a really nice poem (in my teacher's words, not so much in my own), but posting it online would be auto-plagiarism (again, in the words of my crazy science teacher who also likes to hand out candy canes during Christmas. We love you, Mrs. B!). I guess, I'll have to wait out on this one. Anyway, a few classmates of mine have been too lazy to enter, so that kind of slims down the applicant pool, hopefully allowing me to take a grab at one of those top three awards for middle school students in my state. I'm not really hoping for much, since self publication of my poem is also good enough for me if I don't win, but wish me luck!

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