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Saturday, October 11, 2014

An Update on My Life

It's been such a long time since I left this blog, and wow, I actually can't even remember where to start anymore. The last time I posted, it was in 2013, and to be honest, a lot has happened since then. I've tried starting new blogs, exploring what vestiges of my personality can lie in these different blogospheres, but as most good things go, I had to admit that the first blog I started was still the best. (You can have fun trying to look up the five other random blogs I began throughout the year, though. I promise, they're pretty interesting to read.)

At any rate, it's great to be part of all of the action once again (albeit my lack of subscribers, but let's not dawn on that fact.)

Last year was my first year living in New York City. That's right, I managed to move without letting you guys know...but to be honest it's not like it was a giant move or anything. It happened in about mid-July, and I moved in with my grandparents in Corona, Queens. I took to SHSAT later on in August, and then got accepted to...Stuyvesant High School! Being the alma mater of my dad and one of the best science and math high schools in the country, I was naturally very excited.

I also managed to squeeze in a week in the middle of August to volunteer as an Arts and Crafts TA for the Monmouth County Chinese Summer Camp, which was a pretty exciting week filled with little kids, Chinese games, and Asian parent struggles. Then my high school (or, at least, the high school I was planning on previously attending) invited me to their annual Choral and Band Camp to prepare for the upcoming season. I was pretty piqued to join their Women's Choir, but obviously, logistical things got in the way...

And here I am, now! Freshman year was extraordinary -- I got to meet so many great people, many of whom came from really interesting backgrounds. You'd be surprised to know that Stuyvesant's just like any other school. We have our share of jocks, punks, skaters, cheerleaders, Asians, hoodlums, potheads, indies, emos, etc. It just happens that we're all better than the average bear at taking tests... (one of the things my Intro to CS teacher will never let us forget.)

I ended up joining way too many clubs, taking way too many classes, and being a general tryhard in way too many areas my first year. Do I regret doing that? Well...I suppose it really depends on how you look at it. I definitely did enjoy everything I did, but the lack of sleep associated with our high school stands true, unfortunately.

Some of the best experiences I had were in Honors Biology Research, a class I took spring term. The kids in the class became really tight, probably over the struggles of having to complete a full biology project in four weeks (I'm still surprised over how we managed to do so...)

And then there was Key Club/Red Cross, which allowed me to volunteer in some of the most obscure parks in our city, run into random people, meet really famous personalities, travel upstate several times, and make friends with some of the most inspiring people I've ever met.

When I wasn't out volunteering, I might have been in the debate room, on our sixth floor. I may have forgotten to mention that our school harbors ten floors, but we have an amazing English department, highlighted by our Speech and Debate/Forensics Team (but not CSI type of forensics.) I joined Lincoln Douglas Debate on a complete whim, ended up losing a lot of my rounds my novice year, attending Counterpoint Debate Camp in the summer before sophomore year, learning a lot of philosophy and politics, and finally moving up to the JV Team.

I could continue rambling on and on about the happenings of freshman year, but this post has already become pretty disjointed, so I'll save that for my "Timeline" page above, where I'll sort of post what I've been up to.

At any rate, I'm now a sophomore in Stuyvesant. (Woo!) I've noticed that I'm currently in a state of existential crisis, stuck in a rut where I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing half the time, and why. I don't mean I'm about to take off to Africa on a mid-life crisis, but I'm genuinely wondering what I'll be doing for the rest of my life. Maybe it's not such a great idea to be blogging when I've got piles upon piles of homework to complete, but I might as well do something productive with my time.

Well, that's the update. See you all soon!

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