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The Orchid

The Orchid sits by window’s frame
Such strength pulse through its tender veins
Its leaves, majestic vivid hues
Reflect the sunlight’s rays on cue

The stalk bends towards the heavens, yet
Confined to porcelain walls has set
Its growth, it roots, to mossy deeps
From which no plant has dared to creep

Exotic floral scents it boasts
From musky moss lying below
Budding blooms, with youthful air
Too, paint the flora with gentle care

A moment’s wonder cedes to dark
As daylight wanes and nights embark
Though flower’s blooms still enfold by day
The seasons past with Nature’s say

A sliver at first, as strands divides
Then seams diverge and more on each side
The flower droops, rises, falls
Yet again the cycle of life calls

But day by day new blooms arrive
Their faces open to unfamiliar lives
Sorrow is masked by youthful hues
As such is the cycle of nature’s great beaus

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