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To Do List

There are a lot of things that life has taught me and one of them is that trying to complete an entire to-do list in a day is a waste of your time. Ironic, isn't it? It's not just a conundrum, though -- there are so many things that we always want to be doing that the idea of completing everything at once is probably going to drive someone, or anyone really, insane. The most efficient type of to-do list is to create a two task list of your most important tasks for the day and a three task list for less important, but high priority tasks. The guys over at Pocket Mod and Hipster Habit App have already created the perfect working anti-procrastinators there are out there, so they deserve a whole list of applause.

But enough about your lists. I've always been writing out lists of my lists on paper and wasting trees. But, as the tree hugger I am, I've decided to take it onto my own part and start a digital to-do list that will be with me no matter what happens to all of those scraps of paper (unless, of course, the Internet breaks down, but whose going to care about that?)

Here goes, in no particular order:

  1. Become fluent in Chinese
  2. Become fluent in Fujianese
  3. Hold a seminar to teacher people about Fujianese
  4. Visit Fuzhou and sit down with the rural farmers
  5. Learn C++, C, Java, Perl, HTML, HTML5 (Yeah! Code Year is helping)
  6. Become fluent in Spanish
  7. Travel to Madrid
  8. Publish a NY Times bestseller 
  9. Complete at least ten AP courses by the end of senior year
  10. Give a graduation speech for my class
  11. Get accepted by Harvard
  12. Pass the LSATs
  13. Go to law school
  14. Make at least a million dollars to retire with
  15. Run in a half marathon 
  16. Compete in an archery tournament
  17. Learn to figure skate
  18. Ride the Kingda Ka
  19. Visit Google headquarters
  20. Meet Orson Scott Card
  21. Pass ABRSM Grade 8 Piano with Distinction and then aim for Diploma :3 
  22. Travel to Milan, Venice, Sicily, Rome,
  23. Travel to Fiji, Morocco, Cairo, 
  24. Go paragliding
  25. Go white water rafting
  26. Explore the Amazon rain forest
  27. Adopt a mammal as a pet (Just a mammal!)
  28. Start a charity
The rest of my goals can be seen over at Day Zero! As usual, I'm Friendzyfriend, the amigurumi girl.

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